H20 in Tip
of Long Crack in the windshield

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Argonauts Windshield Repair has been repairing windshield in Houston, TX since 1992 by the same person Chris Hernandez. I have the Experience to complete a repair and have an idea of the outcome of the repaired windshield.

We love making new Friends and meeting people from all over Houston, Texas and the World.

By being Honest with our customers. Even though we like making money, some rock chips and long cracks should not be repaired. Due to their age, location, size and a few other details.

Another thing that I picked up in the United States Marine Corps is: “Integrity is doing that thing which is right, when no one is looking”

Having the Patience to complete a rock chip repair to look as good as possible. Not to be in a rush during a windshield repair to get the next client.

We take Pride in our work.

We don’t guarantee or say we can repair your windshield in 15 minutes. A Quality repair takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete. A drill hole would definitely increase the speed of the repair but the outcome may not look as well. Although, some rock chips must be drilled due to the type, impact, legs that won’t fill in and location on the windshield. We drill only when necessary on rock chip repairs and always on long crack repair.