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"UFO just hit my windshield.. that is what I'll say" read more..

Do you have a cracked windshield or worrying that your windshield may become cracked due to that rock that hit your front windshield?

By being centrally located in Houston, TX near the Texas Medical Center and NRG Stadium where the Hee Haw- Houston Live Stock and Rodeo is held ever year. We are able to service clients from all around the Houston Metropolitan area that covers nearly 9,444 square miles. Wow that is a lot of miles.

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Was that repairable? Not all rock chip and long cracks can be repaired in your front windshield. Sometimes it's better to either leave them alone or replace the windshield if it interfers with the drivers field of vision.

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Quality: Our mission repair first and replace last.

We don't guarantee or say we can repair your windshield in 15 minutes. As a Quality repair takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete. A drill hole would definitely increase the speed of the repair but the outcome may not look as well.

Although, some rock chips must be drilled due to the type, impact, legs that won't fill in and location on the windshield. We drill only when necessary on rock chip repairs and always on long crack repair.

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It's Not just about making money. Some windshield repairs should not be repaired. Due to their age, location, size and a few other details...

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Choose your rock chip size

Scroll down for long crack prices

Dime Size 10¢

Dime=17.91 mm

Less Than


Nickel Size 5¢

Nickel=21.21 mm

Less Than


Quarter Size 25¢

Quarter=24.26 mm

Less Than


Add'l chip prices vary by size

starting at $15

(Max. 3) per vehicle.

Accepting major credit and debit cards, and most insurance companies *waive deductibles for windshield repairs.

*some stipulations apply call or text for details



Choose your crack length

6" or 15.25 cm ≥

up to 6 inches

Less than 1 dollar

$1 bill ≈ 6" or 15 cm

Small Crack

6"≤ 12"

6" to 12"

Less than 2 ink pens

1 Ink Pen = 6" or 15 cm

Big Crack

12.1" to ∞

12.1 inches to Infinity

Greater than 2 dollar bills

Less Than


6" or 15 cm:

Equal to

Ink Pen, US 1 Dollar Bill, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses

Accepting major credit and debit cards, and most insurance companies *waive deductibles for windshield repairs.

*some stipulations apply call or text for details

Phone Diaries

"UFO just hit my windshield.. that is what I'll say."

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As Katie was on hold, she learned that Argonauts Windshield Repair started in 1992 and in 2001 Able Auto Glass was formed. The following year, these two companies merged. She was thinking about what she was going to tell her Mum about what happened to her windshield on the way to school that morning. Who would have guessed, while she was on hold thinking about her mom, she called. So she switched lines and answered. “Hi Mom, I was just thinking about you.”

Mom, “Ole! Really", said Katie: “Yea, this UFO Thingy hit my windshield this morning." Mom mentioned to: “Call Able Auto Glass at 713-777-2253 and tell them you have a rock chip in your windshield." “Oh! A rock chip is what you call it?” “I am actually on hold with them now!” “Hey, Mom, let me call you right back.”

Just when she clicked back over to the other line, Chris picked up the line. “This is Chris, thank you for holding.” “How may I help you?” Katie: “I have a rock chip in my windshield and need to get it repaired before it cracks.” Chris asked: “Did you get a chance to look over our website?” Katie replied, “No, not yet.” Chris: "My name is Chris, and you are?" Katie: "My name is Katie." Chris: "Katie I have a few questions to ask you. Where is it located on the glass? What is the size and how many lines are coming out of the rock chip? And finally, when was the last time it was wet?”

Katie: "It is located dead center and is about the size of a Dime. It looks like a Star with about 5 lines coming out of the center. I used my wipers right after it happened. I thought it was a Big Bug that splattered on the windshield. And sure enough, it wasn't.” Chris: “Well it sounds like it is repairable except you got water in it and wiper fluid. Do you know what's in your type of wiper fluid?” Katie: “Why do you ask?”

Chris: “Some people put rain repellents in their windshield washer fluid reservoir. While it does a great job repelling rain, it also repels windshield repair resin.” Katie: “That's a good question, and I'll have to ask my father.” Chris: “Okay Katie, ask your father. Also, please take a few photos and text some images to 832-413-2253 so I can look at them. Make sure you hold a coin next to it for size comparison.” Katie: “ Chris, I will get right on that and let you know when I send the photos. Talk to you later and thanks for your time...” Chris: “It's my pleasure, and I look forward to seeing your photos. In the meantime, make sure you read over our site's Q & A".

Rock Chip Q -n- A

AskMe Ask Me

Click your question below:
A rock chip is usually round or star shaped and may have lines radiating from the center. It has a black or silver color to it. Hint: If your rock chip looks like a white speck in the glass and has no dark areas, then this should not be repaired. It is only a nick.
Normally a rock chip appears after a rock or other flying road debris hits your windshield.
In almost all cases you should have it repaired unless the rock chip is in the driver’s line of sight, is over one year old or it has already been repaired. After the rock chip appears, do not put anything on the windshield except water or window cleaner. You may be tempted to apply cleansers, rain repellents, soap, baby oil, foreign chemicals, glue, garlic juice, vinegar and finger nail polish, but these products will only make it more difficult to repair.
We can repair rock chips from the size of a Pea up to the size of a Quarter and in some cases up to the size of a Silver Dollar. As long as the glass missing from the center of the rock chip is less than the end of pencil eraser, we can do the rock chip repair.
Your rock chip should become noticeably clearer when repaired. However, clarity is dependent upon the size, age, amount of glass missing from the center and the quantity of fragmented glass within the break. Note: chemicals applied to the rock chip may prevent the windshield repair resin from adhering to the glass.
The possibility of your rock chip forming into a crack is greater now if not repaired. But if you repair the rock chip before it turns into a crack it will not spread under normal conditions. A rock chip could form a crack if there is a drastic change in temperature (ex. washing you car on a very hot day with cold water) or if internal or external stress occurs to the windshield.
In the months of May thru September the sun UV Rays are at it strongest here in Houston, TX. If your windshield has gotten wet please, allow your vehicle to set in direct sunlight for 3 hours prior to repair. The rest of the year may take several days to a week depending on the weather. Please note there is always a chance your chip can spread into a crack while drying in the sunlight. However, if there is any water in the break that’s not visible by the technician then the repair may appear more visible. In most cases the rock chip damaged area will turn milky white forever when water is in the break.
Typically it takes about 30 minutes but could take an hour depending on the individual rock chip being repaired.
If it is smaller than a Dime 10¢, it would cost $49.95 and Nickle 5¢ to Quarter 25¢ Size $54.95 anything larger that is repairable would should cost $59.95 For additional chips price may vary. See store for pricing. *For long crack repair see FAQ Cracks.
Should a crack spread further than the original end points, a refund shall be given upon inspection. This windshield is guaranteed against defective material or workmanship as long as the present owner continues to own this vehicle.

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